Characteristics of Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry

 As a general trading company with over 70 years of history, Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry has contributed to Japan's scientific advancement.
Our lifestyles have changed dramatically in recent years due to the rapid cycle of technological development.
At the same time, the environment surrounding us is changing rapidly, such as the destruction of the environment and the issue of CO2 caused by the widespread consumption of fossil fuels.
Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry has taken new steps by working on new businesses including environmental businesses by utilizing the experience and know-how it has accumulated to date.
New steps taken by Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry with customers toward new stages... that is the"NEXT STAGE."

A General Chemical Trading Company With History and Brand Power

 Since Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry was established as a trading company handling scientific instruments in 1936 the company has continued to develop based on a relationship of deep trust with researchers, the government and private institutions, and by the year 2000 the company had become one of Japan's leading companies in the provision of materials to the LCD industry in Japan.
We will continue to maintain a sincere stance in the future.

For our clients...

 As a preferred partner, Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry provides assistance to enable clients to step up their operations with the aim reaching the "NEXT STAGE". You can expect the best from Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry's personnel. Our abilities include the ability to listen, observe, think and realize.

Organization of Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry

Global Expansion... To Asia and China

 Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry provides products which is match the needs of customers by utilizing connections in Southeast Asia, China and Taiwan in particular.

 Bosed on our history and experience, you can expect much from our staff and of their ability to assess situations.

Endeavors in Environmental Activities

 Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry has contributed to the advancement of scientific technology in Japan, but considering the rapid changes in the global environment in recent years, companies are being forced to review their own operations and take action to address problems. . We believe that now is the time to make contributions to the development of scientific technology that takes the burden placed on the environment into consideration, and to this end we have started business activities in the field of environmental measurement.

 Moving to the "NEXT STAGE" with our customers...