Consulting Business

Consulting management solutions utilizing expertise fostered through the company's 70-year history

 In our dealings with many users as a general chemical trading company, we have always proposed the use of the best products which matches our users' needs from manufacturers throughout the world.

 Using this expertise, we offer our consulting services to resolve our customers' concerns and issues.

Consulting-type Sales

 Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry offers not only solutions involving physical products, but also other content from around the world that matches the needs of clients. We believe our greatest mission is to constantly review dealings with customers to identify their emerging needs and to be able to move forward with them.

PDCA Cycle in Consulting-type Sales

Research/New Business Support

 To date, Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry has produced numerous results by cooperating with educational institutions and the research divisions of chemical manufacturers. In particular, we have expanded new business opportunities by collaborating with venture companies.

 In the future, we would like to be consulted about joint projects with researchers and companies that wish to produce significant results with new technology.

New Business Endeavors