New Business Endeavors

Environmental business, outsourcing of drug intermediate synthesis and biotechnology - aiming for new business stages targeting the next generation

 We utilize our rich information networks to operate new businesses that anticipate the needs of the next generation.

 We are actively working on new businesses primarily centered on the environment.

 We are looking for new business partners.

Environmental Business

Soil Contamination Countermeasures Business

 Since the 1990s, there have been many redevelopments of former factory sites, and the health risks caused by soil contamination have been highlighted. The Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act enacted in February 2003 made it mandatory to conduct soil contamination surveys and perform work to implement countermeasures when the sites of factories and plants are being converted for other applications. We began our soil contamination countermeasures business with the desire to improve the environment in which people live.

Water Treatment Business

 Water is a global resource that is essential for life. However, shortages of water resources have rapidly arisen due to population increases. We focus on providing water treatment using water treatment filters.

Focus upon Environmental Instruments

 There is great demand to respond to the development of new technologies for dealing with rapid changes in the global environment.
We have adopted a comprehensive approach including the columns of influential Japanese and foreign manufacturers for gas chromatography and liquid chromatography (HPLC).

We Also Operate a Solar Cell Business and Plant Factories Utilizing LED Lighting.

Outsourcing of Drug Intermediate Synthesis

Drug Intermediate Synthesis Outsourcing Business

 By utilizing our diverse chemical reaction experience and abundant production expertise, we provide support for the development and approval of customers' new drugs, clinical drugs and animal drugs from a manufacturing perspective.


Outsourced Plasmid Synthesis

 We provide outsourcing of the synthesis of plasmids used in genetic modification experiments. It is also possible to produce GMP grade if required. Please contact us for details.

What are Plasmids?

 Plasmids are extrachromasomal DNA molecules replicated in cells and distributed throughout daughter cells. Their size is extremely small compared to chromosomal DNA, and are often used in sizes of 3-15 kbp even when separated into a single strand of DNA using a restriction enzyme. There are actually some ranging from 2-3 kbp up to several hundred kbp. (kbp: kilo base pair 10.5bp≒3.6nm)

 Plasmids are used as vectors embedded with target genes, and are employed to convert the properties of cells, acquire certain proteins and check the roles played by genes.


 Nakamura Scientific Instruments Industry seeks partners in a wide range of fields such as the outsourcing of the synthesis of organic chemicals used as chemical materials, biotechnology, and environmental businesses.

  • Commercialization of research results
  • Sales organization after commercialization
  • Support for new R&D
  • M&A operations